Friday, April 06, 2012

Goals for Eugene and other random ramblings

The week is going well...I'm back from DC and mostly over any jet lag. I kept up with blogs using google reader on my phone but frustrated that I could not comment using it...sorry! I'll try to catch up this weekend.

This Sunday is 3 weeks from race day and I have a major benchmark run: a 13.1 mile time trial.

During the build up for CIM Jill also had me doing one of these 3 weeks out...I ran it @ 8:28 pace, HR 142 = 1.478 yards-per-beat. I am very curious to see if I will more efficient this time...I'm guessing I'll be somewhere around 1.55 like my last 20 miler.

I have spent a lot of time (during my runs, mostly ;) trying to unravel the elements that have resulted in my bump-up in's my list:

1) This is my second training cycle and so I'm building on more than I had last time. 

2) The use of the heel lift to balance out my power output from my right leg.

3) New shoes...Brooks Launch.

Clearly some is from #2, since the improvements seemed to have kicked in around when I started using it (March 20th). 

#3 has helped completely get rid of my left foot niggles (also the lift helped) but the heavier shoes are probably costing me 1% rather than helping. BUT the threat of foot pain going away let me really rock and roll some of the workouts.

So I'm guessing it's a mash-up of all three that did the trick.

Goals for Eugene

1) Enjoy the day, don't force it, let it flow. If it's going to be hot or windy, etc, be ok with slowing down. If the body just doesn't have it that day, slow down. (Say a prayer to the marathon gods so we don't have to slow down ;)

2) Don't get injured getting to the starting line. This has gone great...unlike CIM which was nip and tuck. Currently I don't have any issues and only 9 days of hard running to the taper, yay!

3) The pace band will be cut for 3:55 (e.g. 8:58 min/mile, Garmin pace probably have to be 8:53). 

Slow up on the biggest hill, get it back on the downside. Get 1 min pad up on the pace band by the half, then see how it goes. At mile 16-18 if feeling really good try to pick it up and leave nothing on the course.

4) Enjoy Eugene...flight leaves late so have a nice, looong lunch post race with plenty of Oregon beer. 8) Anybody with me on this?


  1. Great goals. I hope it goes well and you have a great race.

  2. The Running Gods don't listen to me very often lately so probably best I pass on any sort of cool weather dance for them. I always think spring marathons are the toughest because the weather gets warm quickly after we've trained in yuckyness all winter. But then again, you don't have to contend with the icy cold winters that I do.

    I'll be toasting a beer to you from Denver for your sub 3:55 finish. Can't wait!

    1. You make a good point: spring marathons are trickier for hot weather.

  3. That all sounds great to me!!

    Must remember the 'run up the hill slow and make it up on the way down'.

    I've been praying to the marathon gods as you told me to and they seem to be listening. Weather forecast for Madrid is looking good right now :-)

    1. I'm sure you'll have a great've been doing lots of good training! Glad the weather is going to behave. (It seems!)

  4. Ok, the way I see it... Goal #4 is priority one!

  5. Praying to the marathon gods for great weather and to being injury free for the start. Love your attitude about not leaving on the course. That's the only way to run!


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