Friday, April 13, 2012

Fire is out? and Which shoe?

I took Thursday off after realizing the lymph nodes in my throat were swollen a bit. Friday morning they were better and although I had a lot of crud in my throat this seemed to be left over from a good nights sleep. 

Last night was POUNDING rain from time to time and although we didn't hear any there were many lighting and thunder events around the bay area. Click here for an amazing picture...this is pretty rare! A United flight from SFO bound for London was struck by lightning in fact (they went back to SFO and checked everything out as ok).

I suited up and drove into work to use the treadmill, but the skies cleared over Shoreline park and so I said adieu to the stupidmill and headed out to the park. Score!

I felt good and did the tempo run as scheduled. My right piriformis muscle was sore from Wednesday's run (today is DOMS day: day after the day after) and although it didn't mess up my form it was close to that. I experimented with slightly different foot strikes positions to make it happier. 

So far looks like I should be able to do my last long run (22 miler) on Sunday!

2 week extended forecast for Eugene has cool temps (max of 60F).


There is a decision to be made at some point before Eugene: do I race in Kinvaras or the Brooks Launch?

The Brooks have been good for me..the extra forefoot cushioning is great and the extra drop (.8cm vs .4cm for the Kinvaras) has actually helped me keep my AT at bay during all this fast and hard and long training.

But the brooks are 2oz heavier...which is theoretically costing .5% or so. (See this article in the NYT "Making the case for running shoes"  for that and other interesting factoids)

.5% is about 72 seconds in a 4-hour-ish marathon. My current feeling: I will gladly give up that time for the nice forefoot cushioning. I think I can actually be faster in the last stages of the marathon with them. (and not hurt as much after).

I ran my last 20 miler in the Kinvara's..the one this Sunday I will do in my Launches.

I will bring both pairs to Eugene and decide at the last minute.  8)


  1. Glad you'll be able to do your long run - good luck in Eugene! Have you seen the recent forecast for Boston...yikes.

  2. Shoe dilemma... I have brain freeze trying to figure out what piece of gear I should use or what nutrition to carry on a long ride, etc. Sometimes I think I over think things. I can sympathize with you.

    That photo of the lightning strikes is incredible.


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