Friday, February 10, 2012

Midweek status

The pinkeye is gradually going away. Yay!

Yesterday I ran before dinner..a FIRST. My legs were nice and limber rather than stiff like they are in the morning...hmm..perhaps that's another idea for reducing tendency to AT? I will have to try evening runs more..

Anyway this was a sprint day...and from the house the best place is the bike overpass bridge over highway  101 which is about 2 miles from my house...perfect warmup distance.

 This ramp is a bit steeper than my normal sprinting hill so the splits are slower but it's probably better.
Today's routine called for NINE 8 second sprints..I have trouble counting and watching the HR for the recovery value (time to start next sprint) etc.

So today I took a little ice-plant leaf to mark each split. By the time I got to 9 it was a good thing I could just look and see how many I'd done..I was wiped.

A very slow trot home..on the way passing this house. This is Steve Job's house..a very modest french country style house with a slate roof. 

Fruit orchard planted around.

It's springtime starting here now...the days of 32F mornings seem to be gone. Yesterday's sprints were done at a temp of 65F.

The bulbs are up! This guy was glowing in the sunlight.


  1. Had to pop over to make sure you were doing the correct workout today!! :) Well done!!

    It's going to be MONTHS before we see anything green here....I cannot believe how much snow we have had this year (and still have on the ground) - WAY more than normal and I think the weather guy just said we now have more than we had all of last winter. I'm moving to Cali!! :)

  2. The weather has been lovely. I imagine we'll be sorry this summer that it never rained this winter but it sure makes it easy to run outside.

  3. I love evening runs!

    They seem to wipe away any stress from the day :-)

    Great idea with the plant...I will have to try that one!

  4. Your post brought back memories of when I used to carry little rocks with me to count the laps while running on a track. One day it dawned on me that I could count up to 32 laps on one hand - if I used binary. No more little rocks!

  5. One of the things to remember is your body is warmed up for an evening run. Not sure what type of warm up you do in the mornings, but that may help.


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