Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Annoying speed bump

Tuesday I awoke looking forward to new week of training...12 weeks left ahead and for some reason I thought to myself this was just 70 workouts. Doesn't really seem like much time invested to run a fast marathon when I think of it that way.

Anywho, I woke up and noticed my eyes felt pretty puffy and crusty...rinsed my face my gear-collection frenzy rushed out the door.  Got to work and hit the trails and noticed my AT felt pretty good...put in the 2 miles of warm up and then poured on the coal to do the first of:

3x (10k pace with 1 minute recovery).

 I hit the mile at 8:00-ish pace and dropped back to a trot, savoring my 1 minute the end of the minute my HR was still not below 120 so I was kinda miffed but dutifully cranked up the pace and did another mile as before....another minute of rest...NOT enough...why does Jill have such a short recovery I wonder?  Last split..ugh, now I'm fighting a 10 mph thinks I will not be able to do it.. but the body delivers the goods. Then I enjoy the easy pace to the gym to do a full set of lower body strength training.

Eventually, sitting at my desk, I pull up the doc file and see my mistake:

3x(1 min @ 10k pace with 1 mile recovery) 

OH, that's why the recovery seemed so short. DOH!  RTFM Dude!

So 24 minutes of hard running instead of 3. It was a hard workout but not that out of line 8)

So by now you are wondering where's the speed bump? Well, remember the puffy eyes? By afternoon they were pretty red and dry..and I was googling 'conjunctivitis'.  It was listed as pretty contagious (in the viral form anyway) so I decided to spare my co-workers and went to the urgent care at my HMO. There I got some drops (in case it was a bacterial form..the viral form you just wait it out) and went home.

Today, my eyes are gradually getting less puffy and red. This morning's easy 5 miler was welcome and I ran it nice and sllooooww.....the moist outside air felt better on them. Sunny today and so wore my shades, luckily since otherwise I'm a dead ringer for Beelzebub's older brother. Getting better quickly so by tomorrow I should be more presentable.

I have no idea how I caught this..esp in both eyes at the same time. Probably haven't had it since I was a kid.


  1. Accccctualllly, it said: 3 miles: 1 min @ 10K/1 min you're suppose to run 3 miles alternating every minute at a 10K pace followed by an easy minute of recovery. We'll work on that again next week and perfect it :).

    Sorry about the Pink Eye - that's icky stuff. I always think my son has it, he has one eye that is always red, but we've had it tested and he just strains that eye a lot more. Or he does a lot of drugs in one eye.

  2. I used to get it some as a teacher but it has been a long time. It should go away quickly. Good luck.

  3. Oh, that Jill is TRICKY. But she knows her stuff :)

    I am sure your HR will be down next time, but what a workout this time!!

    Hope your eye stuff gets better soon. I get that eye-crud almost every time i get sick these days. Blech.

  4. My son always seems to get pink eye. I hope it feels better real soon!

  5. I used to get pink eye when my kids would get it. Hope it goes away quickly.

    And what a work out!! Jealous you can do trails mid week!


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