Thursday, February 23, 2012

Midweek status and .....I'm Famous!

Midweek Status

After doing cross training for a few days I started running again on Wednesday...5 miles at fast base.

Today I was really feeling a bit tired for some reason, so didn't push it and ran 5 at a recovery pace. My foot felt pretty good considering the previous day's retribution there.

Even though it has gotten better I'm still not sure it's up to full bore training yet. Waiting another day or two before upping the ante. Doing lots of self massage of trigger points in left calf.

I like the Brooks Launches, I have no problem landing forefoot in them and boy, are they quiet! They are just the thing for babying my legs right now. (I will be going back to a mix of shoes once I feel up to it....not running in these all the time!)

I'm Famous! not really.

Marathon maniac Steve Walters made this MM logo artwork from about 400 Maniac names. 

There are over 4000 Maniacs already (me #4012) so I was surprised to find out that my name was included in this priceless creation poster.

I found my name within 5 minutes! Here's a's from the bottom rightmost "s" in "MANIACS"...I have rotated the pic 90 degrees clockwise:

I'm not sure why my name got picked....perhaps he put all the MM-ers that are silver and above? I suspect I just got lucky...even at that there are more then 400 MM-ers.

This reminds me of the Honda LA marathon where they had two Honda cars with all the names of the runners on them. My brother in law and I found our names! I'm not sure how we did that...I think they were distributed in some kind of alphabetical ordering.....does anybody remember?


  1. That is such a cool thing to do!!

  2. That is cool. I would be excited too.

  3. Good to hear the foot is doing well. Test it with a bit of a speedier run, even for a few meters, at some point soon.

    Boston puts runners' names on the poster too - it's in alphabetical order, which really helps with 35,000 names. Love the MM poster, congrats on making the cut! :)


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