Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RIP Grete.

I was saddened to learn the great women of marathoning, Grete Waitz, died today at age 57. 

She was an amazing runner....and won the NYC marathon 9 times. If you get a chance to see the documentary Run for your Life  which is about Fred Lebow and the start of the NYC marathon you'll know what a great person she was too.

NYT obit here.



  1. I just heard about that; did she have cancer? Truly a legend who will be greatly missed!

  2. She was such an inspirational runner because of her great attitude; she was truly a running role model to the world. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. @jill: She lived with cancer for 20 years apparently.

    @tt: yah. She was a great person as well as a great runner. See the movie if you can...netflix has it

  4. Very sad :(

    Thanks for the well wishes on my blog. Yes the noggin is nothing to mess with.


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