Saturday, April 16, 2011

Copenhagen in 5 weeks...good luck Boston runners!

It's almost a week since S2S and I'm feeling pretty good...ran a 3+ miles this morning at a decent clip. The finishing place/time got resolved and the bling I didn't get at the finish is on the way via post. I'm still basking in the feeling of accomplishment at running 31+ miles with 4000'up/6000' down. Zowie. 

Ultra running is SO different than road marathoning. 

Monday is Boston! Used to live there and spent many a Patriot's day watching the spouse Toni's parents used to live just off "Comm ave" in Newton. In 1979 I lived off of Cleveland Circle. So I know parts of the course quite well.

 I wish everybody a great race day!... the weather is looking pretty perfect right now: high of 61F for the day, wind from the southwest at 18mph (quartering tailwind). Should be a fast race.

5 weeks to the Copenhagen marathon! Why Denmark you wonder? We have some very good friends that had to move back there and we decided to visit them in the spring. Lo and behold, that also happened to be when the marathon is! 

This not a huge race and you see a bunch of different parts of the city. 

UPDATE: they have 7300 runners signed up and hope to have 12,000 by race day! So not a small race ;)

But it's got a lot of snaky, loopy, out-and-back tendrils which I don't really like. I'll need my pace band in km though which will be fun.

Also REALLY NICE is that it's just a marathon, no half, no 10k...just a nice simple single race...the one I'm running!

I also for the first time should get to meet a bloggy friend face-to-face, Lynne from The Way to Copenhagen.  This is going to be her first marathon...always interesting ;)

Here is the original "Little Mermaid" an icon of Copenhagen... no, not the disney character, the real deal! 

What's the goal and training plan for the next 5 weeks? Well with such oodles of time I haven't decided yet! LOL.

More on that in another post. For at least the next week I'll be doing easy runs and no more than 20 miles or so....trying to let the body tell me what it can do rather than vice versa.


  1. Running a marathon in Denmark sounds intriguing! Have fun.

  2. My boss' daughter lives in Copenhagen and I was working with her for awhile as she tried to train for it; but it wasn't working out and she's not running it now. That's very exciting you're going over there - always a dream of mine to run a marathon in another counrty! And thank goodness you got your recognition for S2S! I can't wait to see the hardware!

  3. Copenhagen would be a great race to cool you are going. And glad recovery is moving along so well.

  4. There were a lot of loops and snaky bits in the half marathon yesterday. I don't like them either :-(

    I think the race yesterday was on a lot of the marathon course.

    Looking forward to meeting you Paul :-)


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