Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yassos today

Pretty recovered from long run Monday, so some speedwork today..some Yasso intervals. 

I thought I'd run these about 7:50 pace (1:55 splits) but went a bit faster. I'd like to be able to do 10 of these by the Trailblazer 10k coming up.

5 x 800's with about 1:50 recovery between (walking until HR back to 105)

split       HR    Cadence
1:50.5   138   92
1:52.3   146   91

1:51.7   137   91
1:47.8   150   92
1:48.2   135   92
1:50.9   151   92

1:48.2   135   93
1:50.5   152   92

1:45.3   135   92
1:52.8   155   92

Each 800 is 3:40 or so

This is about 7:20 min/mile pace. Which is probably my 5k race pace...I think....this implies a 7:35-7:46 10k pace, which would be fantastic if true...

I was pretty tired by the 5th..checking the watch a lot to make sure I stop as soon as I hit the distance 8)

Ran these in my Nike Frees (of course!)  I credit them for a least a couple of seconds per 400m....they are so light.

Just for calibration...last year I ran the Trailblazer with an average cadence of 85 (garmin speed 7:56 min/mile, HR average 152) can see I've sped up my stride over that race here by about 7 steps per min (8%) and my pace by about 9%. 

In case you're wondering, "Yasso" intervals are named after Bart Yasso, a runner and writer for Runner's World magazine. He noticed that if you could run a 10x800's at say a 3min 40secs each (as I just did 5), you could probably do a 3hr 40 min marathon, assuming you did your long run training, etc. (It's just happens the numerology works out that way...nothing profound about physiology or anything).


  1. you are fast!

    I wish this 45 ran like your 50

  2. Thanks Andrew. I've been having fun with this for 3 years...something seems to have worked 8)


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