Thursday, August 19, 2010

Real Men Kick your Face In?

I seem to have settled into a pattern of "Midweek", i.e. Tues-Wed-Thurs and "Weekend", i.e. Sat-Sun running, with the other days for resting or walking/biking.

This week I've again stepped up the speed-work a notch during the midweek 'sorta-long run': a 9-10 miler this week.

I ran at lunchtime with a co-worker, he's 29, but lucky for me had tired himself out the previous day in a tennis competition. Also, I let him talk as much as he wanted and kept asking him questions....heh heh...(I could not talk much...breathing much harder than him!).  

Together we did about 5 miles with about 3 of that at a sub 8:20 or so pace. Then I did another 4+ slower by myself.

I thought I'd be paying for that speedy running today but instead I felt so good that rather than my normal 4-5 miles easy, I mixed in some intervals.

Did 3x300m 7:00min/mile sprints with the rest of the run at about 10:00 pace. 

Here's a sign Toni and I saw last night coming out of a new (and great) restaurant in Berkeley.....yikes. Notice that it's bolted to the city parking sign above.

I have to say that I don't think my fists work too well, but I could probably kick pretty hard with my current leg muscles. 

Of course if Toni wasn't with me I'd just run away like a bat out of someplace. 8)

Dance card is open for the weekend so we'll be trying for a 50+ mile week...i.e. a 10+22 mile weekend.

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