Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 laps.....1 minute, 41.09 seconds, a new WR! Me, not so much.

Today we have a new world record in the 800 meters (by .02 seconds)..not since 1997 has this record moved. (my source here).

The 800 is "just" two laps around your 400m track. I can't do one lap at that speed. That is fast.

I'm fascinated that since 1972 the record has dropped by 3 full seconds, but all the improvement has been in the first lap split only! What's up with that I wonder?


I hoped to run 10 + 22 this weekend, but started out on my 10 on Saturday and felt seriously bad and slow. Just couldn't shake it off.

It's not easy to listen to your body actually. Lots of times I think I'm feeling really bad for a mile or two and then I'm charging ok in a bit. Or I might feel a funny tightness in a muscle and think "should I stop?" and then it goes away never to return.

But when you go a whole run of 8.75 miles and never really get out of your funk it's  a clear sign I need a rest no running on Sunday at all...just a 4 mile walk.

I have been pushing it pretty hard the last few weeks with 40+ mile back to back weeks and with more speedwork than ever before. So it's not a bad idea to dial it back.

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