Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tempo runs

I'm trying to make sure I get some more speedwork in before Long Beach, and so for my key run midweek I did a tempo run at the Paly Track (wearing my Nike Frees)

It's 2 miles there...and then I ran 3 miles at about an 8:14 pace (between 10k and half marathon pace). I felt pretty good although after 3 miles it was getting to be a bit more of an effort..then 2 miles back home.

It was interesting: a Paly coach was doing drills with a half-dozen kids (cream of the crop?) ..and they were doing sprints with big drogue parachutes strapped to them!  Hilarious...the things you have to do when there are no hills around, eh? (for resistance training I assume).

Then, he had them hopping up the spectator stands and walking back down..2 or 3 sets...made me tired just looking !

Schweizer SGS 2-33

Today I signed up for the Trailblazer 10k...I really love this race..small, well run, flat course, chip timed. I want to try to shave a minute an average pace of 7:50 min/mile(!). We'll seems doable...8 weeks away.

I'm still remembering the Yak flying....and ....remembering idyllic summer days flying our 2-33 sailplane with my dad so many years ago. I didn't fully realize how special it was but now I sure do. Sigh, do you ever really get over the loss of your parents?  Not really.


  1. Good luck with that 10k. Ambitious targets are the best way to improve!

  2. Thanks Thomas!
    I learned something from reading your blog 8-D


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