Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Footstool

When I go for a long or hard run in the morning, I find that my calves stiffen up when sitting in the office later that day. I built this footstool so that I could keep my feet at a normal standing angle even while sitting.

It provides a steady few ounces of lengthening pressure on the calve muscles to keep them from shortening up. I can move my feet to various positions when I get tired of one place. It has rubber feet on the bottom so it won't slide around.

I made it adjustable, but so far I've been using it in the max deployment position.

I find that it works well: when I get up after an hour of sitting I'm not nearly as tight.

Total cost was about $12 (wood on hand, money for piano hinge and two lid supports) took about 1/2 hour to put together.

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