Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Take it up a notch!

One thing I haven't been commenting on is my effort to lose weight for Tacoma.

Basically it's been a total FAIL. My weight has been in the 174 -ish range and not budged. For my CIM race it was down near 170..and 4 lbs is worth at least a good 8s per mile.

Well, so I have this ostrich leather belt I wear. Every morning when I tighten it,  I just do it to where it's comfy and don't pay attention. it's always to the belt hole that is the next-to-last one. Only during my very first massive weight loss (see FAQ) did I ever get to the last belt hole.

For the last week though, I've noticed that I'm going there. My weight is the same but my fat seems down. It's a subtle thing but at least it's in the right direction.

Here's a photo...notice no more belt holes to be had on the right hand side..I'm on the last one!

Did a grow muscle?  If that's the case then that 8s per mile loss is rather some kind of GAIN.

I hope so!

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  1. Nice!! Always good to see the results of hard work even if they don't show up on the scale.


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