Sunday, March 10, 2013

8 Weeks to Tacoma

Week 9 Summary

Spring is coming! This Sunday we "Spring ahead"! The weather has been very fine for running. Flowers are coming up and trees are budding and leafing out.

Two recovery runs followed by some fast running gives an average pace for the week of 9:18. Not too shabby:

Date Miles   Pace    BPM WHR%   Cad Elev+ Elev-    YPB
2013-03-05 Tue 4.8 10:24 110.3 52.7 84.8 40.4 41.5 1.537
2013-03-06 Wed 4.3 10:29 111.1 53.4 85.1 30.5 29.6 1.513
2013-03-07 Thu 1.0 9:50 114.1 55.8 87.0 0.0 5.1 2.097
2013-03-07 Thu 5.3 8:27 137.0 74.6 88.3 24.6 15.5 1.511
2013-03-09 Sat 9.6 9:22 124.2 64.1 86.4 35.5 34.5 1.519
2013-03-10 Sun 12.5 8:45 136.4 74.1 87.7 48.3 43.5 1.488
Summary 37.5 9:18 125.7 65.3 86.8 179.2 169.8 1.525

Week 9 vs CIM Week 9

CIM week 9 was a short week of only 28 miles..(I think due to travel) so easy to beat this week.
 I did a bit less 7.5 -8.5 m/m running than CIM but did a *boatload* more running at 8.5 to 9.5

Week 9 vs Eugene

Eugene week 9 was similar mileage and average HR, but my average pace better now. All the high HR bands have more miles on them vs Eug.

 Again like CIM the really fast pace bars are about the same as Eugene, but the big difference is the high base / MP running..way more.

Week 9 Details

Last week's Saturday long run resulted in my legs informing me they were TIRED. I have been hammering the miles and fast running with no step back weeks and so this was not totally unexpected. 

But, how can you know your limits if you don't push too hard from time to time? I have not had any injuries or niggles so I figured this was a good buildup to push as hard as I can take.

At this point I knew I needed to take my foot OFF the gas a bit.

One common daily event that points out my level of  tiredness is how hard it is for me to climb the stairs to my office on the second floor. 

When I'm in a normal state I can bound up these stairs two-at-a-time, which I sometimes do for fun 8) In the thick of marathon training one is always a bit tired in the legs but I was really feeling very very tired slogging up those stairs . Therefore, I took two rest days off (Sun, Mon). 

Tuesday rolled around and I was still feeling pretty beat so I did only recovery pace jog and kept the miles down. 

Wednesday I was feeling better at the start of my run but quickly realized that no, really  I was dragging and needed another slow run. 

FINALLY on Thursday I felt rebounding back to normal and so I headed out and wondered what to do. I felt good enough that I thought about doing 10k at sub-8m/m: in my CIM buildup at this week Jill had me do just that, and I ran 10k at an 8:06 pace.

So I started out with that as my plan. By mile 3 I was having 2nd thoughts (yes, that Mr. "Inner Voice" again) and thinking maybe it was too much to do so I took a jogging 2:30 interval to rest. Then I did another sub-8 mile,  another rest interval and then a short .33 at 7:36 pace. Kind of a fartlek. 

I'm pretty sure I could have finished a 10k at 7:55 or so, but I would it would have been as fast, painful and hard a run as I could do without actually being in a race situation. Seeing as this was supposed to be a step back week in (mileage x intensity), that was too much. 

So yes, I kind of gave in to Mr "I.V." but in this case I think he was right ;)

2013-03-07 Thu
SplitMiles   Pace      HR% WHR  CadElev+Elev-  YPB

Friday as usual rest day, and then Saturday out to see if some base running would be good or if I would be dragging again.  It was a beautiful day! (see the shot of the daffodils in our yard )

I did feel pretty good and in the zone with with my running form, so I decided a 'mid to high  base' was in order and trying to target around 125 bpm average. (my MAF pace). 

2013-03-09 Sat
SplitMiles Pace     HR% WHR  CadElev+Elev-   YPB

124.2 bpm average..perfect!

Afterwards I felt pretty limber and not too tired in the legs which is a good sign for tomorrow's longer run. (I'm writing the post up to here after having just done this run).

Tomorrow I will probably shoot for around 13 miles, and try to run the last 6 or 7 of it at ~8:20 (HMP) , if I feel up to it. After all, it is only 4 more weeks to the Santa Cruz HM and I really want to NAIL that race! 


Sunday was sunny and clear, due to "spring ahead" we were up "late" but actually at the same time, body-clock-wise.

I felt pretty good after yesterdays 9.6, legs happy, not too tired...felt eager to run which is always the best sign.

After the warm up mile decided to do my larger version baylands loop 12-13 at MP (sub-8:50) and with 6 at HMP (sub-8:20) in the middle. Due to confusion I actually only did 5 at HMP but thats ok. It was a 'hard run' but I felt strong and whenever I would fall behind I was able to make up the time by pushing a bit harder to get back on track.

2013-03-10 Sun
SplitMiles  Pace     HR% WHR  CadElev+Elev-   YPB

This run not my most efficient (1.488) but how spoiled I'm getting for thinking that. My total efficiency for the week still good and still ahead of where I was during CIM and Eug buildups. There was some cardiac drift after mile 8 that brought down the numbers a bit...this probably due to temps getting up above 60F and the bright sun on my body. I finished this run pretty drenched with sweat.

Another good week! : 

Recovered from the crash - blahs with  two rest days and two easy days, then rebounded and  pulled off some good fast running that felt good. Everything is still holding together. My glutes do tend to be sore for a while if I sit a lot right after a hard run, but otherwise I have no's pretty amazing, actually.

The chi form is working out so well. I did Sundays run with absolutely NO tension in the lower legs...calfs loose and trigger points no AT, no stiffness in the mornings. I'm convinced that my small efficiency improvements are also due to the new form tweaks. Perhaps a full posting on what I am doing differently later this week.

I need to start integrating some rolling hills into my base runs and also do some hill intervals...Tacoma has some hills (although a nice net down) so need 'em in the mix to simulate the race.

On to week 8! ( and just 4 weeks to Santa Cruz HM !)

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