Monday, July 30, 2012

Whales and weekly stats

I'm about 7 weeks out from the Ragnar Relay (and then the Berlin marathon in two more weeks). 

I've got a really good base of running, so now it's time to do more fast workouts and push up the LT threshold. (takes about that long for these changes..they are actually pretty quick to come compared to overall endurace).

Here's the week: 
DateMiles     Pace     BPM WHR%   Cad Elev+ Elev-     YPB
2012-07-24 Tue4.3 9:04 128.1 67.28 89.0 27.2 26.8 1.522
2012-07-25 Wed   6.0 8:58 131.1 69.72 88.8 16.3 17.2 1.500
2012-07-26 Thu 7.5 9:51 122.2 62.48 87.0 83.8 84.2 1.473
2012-07-28 Sat 15.7 9:31 125.4 65.12 86.8 77.2 80.6 1.479
Summary 33.5 9:26 126.0 65.55 87.5 204.5 208.8 1.487

There was some fast running in these can see the color in the weekly barchart above. 

Only 4 runs this week: the weekend shaped up with some fun whale watching down at Moss Landing on Sunday so I decided to do a single longer run on Saturday and take two rest days after.

The whale watching was a SCORE!. A bonanza of sightings. Moss landing is where the Monterey submarine canyon comes up to the beach  so it is THE place to go. Upwelling along the sides of the canyon makes for a lots of nutrients for krill, and they bring all the critters:

Orca "spy hopping"

blue whale "lunge feeding!!",
he is on his side and if you look closely you can see the throat pleats

blue whale spout! Big!

humpback sounding

Same humpback sounding (can you tell the tail pattern is the same?)

different white in tail at all!

otter hanging out in the kelp

sea lions on a salty old boat

back of blue whale


And that Saturday long run?  I decided to do about 15 with 5@10mm, 5@9:30m/m and the final 5 at 9m/m to make the average around 9:30...I met the average but could not really hold 9mm in the last 5.

2012-07-28 Sat
SplitMiles  Pace     HR% WHR  CadElev+Elev-   YPB
A full set of upper/ lower body strength training this week as well.

No problems with anything, knock wood...still feeling pretty strong and recovering well (as long as I get enough sleep!) I ran in Kinvaras (getting back into these) for the first two runs and realized how much I missed their lightness. 

However, I've learned that for the kind of fast running I did on Thurday to use the Brooks Launches. That worked well...on my Friday rest day I am feeling pretty good and think I'll be ready for some good workouts on Sat/Sun.

I have moved back to rest days on Fri/Mon and doing sandwich runs on Sat/Sun because it interferes with work time less. I also think that if you can handle it the back to back runs are better for you. 


In other news I have transferred to a new group at work and I'm busy absorbing a lot of new stuff. It's nice to have a change after doing similar stuff for 6 years. The new area is fun time for blog reading has taken a hit 8(. I'm really sorry to be not commenting much right now, it's all I can do just to keep up reading my favorites and doing my own workouts!


  1. I LOVE whales! What cool pictures you got of what had to be pretty exciting. I wanted to go to Scripts to study marine wildlife...but that never panned out. I would have been beside myself to see these amazing creatures in the wild :).

    Glad you're holding up and still feeling great!

  2. Awesome pics of all the wildlife you saw! Especially the whales!

  3. Those are great pictures -- did you get all that from shore? How long are the whales around?

  4. OMG! Completely wonderful whale pictures. It must have been incredible. I have never seen an orca or a blue whale.You got such good pictures. Very jealous.

  5. Awesome shots of the whales. We get the whales here in Hawaii during their breeding season.


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