Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly stats (marathon recovery week)

The recovery went very well after the GG marathon. My quads were in pretty good shape, sore but able to go down stairs without any use of handrail, etc.

I was ready to try a light recovery run on Tuesday. I did some pretty decent short runs on Wed, Thursday as well. 

Here's the summary for the week. 18 miles is not bad for a post marathon week.

Date   Miles   Pace   BPM WHR%   Cad Elev+ Elev-    YPB
2012-07-17 Tue 2.2 10:19 115.1 56.61 0.0 7.6 9.4 1.484
2012-07-18 Wed 4.4 9:45 119.1 59.96 87.2 31.7 34.1 1.518
2012-07-19 Thu 3.0 9:24 120.4 61.02 0.0 8.4 8.4 1.556
2012-07-22 Sun 9.1 9:43 118.3 59.26 86.0 30.1 33.2 1.532
Summary 18.6 9:45 118.4 59.37 86.4 77.8 85.1 1.527

Saturday was a 'rest' day but actually spent a ton of time on my feet and doing some hiking in pretty hot sunny weather up in Benicia ..which is on the straights of SF Bay that lead up to Sacramento. 

We were taken around by our friend,  Corrine of Walking the Bay..she's walked the bay trail  completely around and is now an expert 

If you have never looked at a map of SF, you will see that the estuary goes way WAY up inland all the way there. In olden times this waterway up to Sacramento had huge traffic on it and there was a military base there in the 1850's till the 1950's.
The straights seen  from Benicia State Park,
Mt Diablo in the distance

There are two bridges over the water about 10 miles apart, both have good pedestrian paths and so I was eyeballing a 20 mile run that would go completely around the straights using both bridges...sound like fun?

Mark and Albert pausing on the trail

Sunday I had a notion to go longer..say 10+ and to do 2-3 at temp paces. I got up at 7:15 to try to beat the heat that was coming and was feeling a bit tired.  Miles 5-6 I hit the faster paces but I could not hold so I eased up and took it easy again.

2012-07-22 Sun
Split  Miles  Pace    HR   CadElev+Elev-  YPB

Here's the trailing 30 day bar chart of runs/HRs


  1. I always love the pictures of the SF Bay the water! :)

  2. Good recovery week! That looks like an awesome hike. I'll have to remember it if I ever get to visit the area.

  3. I took me a long time to recovery from my first and only marathon last December. I tried to run after a week and my legs were fatigued. They didn't hurt, just tired. It took me about 3.5 weeks to fully recovery. I really did not have a good base before doing the marathon. I have been base building so I hope my next marathon (december) will go better.

    You are so well conditioned with all your training mileage. Your ability to recover is amazing.

    1. Well, in the beginning I think recovery took me twice as long or longer. But gradually after running 20-40 miles a week for a couple of years, AND after running a bunch of long runs (including slower marathons) I got more endurance.

      I feel like improvements in endurance come slowly (compared to speed) but it also takes a long time to fade away. And it's a lot easier for an older person to improve upon.


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