Sunday, November 27, 2011

CIM Week 2: Thanksgiving week

Congrats to Lynn for her new Marathon PR in Valencia! (4:22). Her race report isn't up yet but I saw the time on FB 8)


The penultimate week. 

Mt Wilson 100 inch telescope
After the very hard 22 miler on Sunday my legs were pretty stiff on Monday and Tuesday...I didn't even attempt to follow the schedule: my thinking was that losing a little conditioning was a lot better than tearing one of my poor beat-up achilles tendons and missing the race altogether! 

Perhaps Sunday's 22 miles was too hard...but it was a good confidence buider to know that the conditioning and endurance are ready... so it's hard to second-guess that decision. 

I tried running on Wednesday and Thursday a bit but after a couple of miles each time I could tell I was just abusing my AT. When your muscles are stiff you end up transferring too much shock to the poor things. I did some walking instead. 

We had a great thanksgiving, btw:..incredible spread of very healthy food...perfect! We also went up to Mt Wilson and took a picture of the 100-inch telescope that Hubble used to figure out the universe was expanding. Cool. 

Finally on Friday I was limbered up again and did this:

Split Dist Pace HR % WHR Cad Elev+ Elev- YPB
1 1.00 9:58 117 58.2 89 102 0 1.509
2 1.00 8:55 123 63.1 92 12 87 1.605
3 1.00 9:02 126 65.6 90 0 40 1.549
4 1.00 9:25 132 70.5 90 116 0 1.416
5 1.00 8:53 124 63.9 91 0 63 1.598
6 1.00 8:42 129 68.0 92 0 57 1.568
Sum: 6.0 9:09 125.2

Some up and down (250') and all done at MP. HR good.
Saturday I took off and Sunday did this:

Split Dist Pace HR % WHR Cad Elev+ Elev- YPB
 1 1.00 9:28 159 92.6 88 2 0 1.169
 2 1.00 9:00 146 82.0 89 7 16 1.339
 3 1.00 9:04 147 82.8 89 0 7 1.321
 4 1.00 9:00 150 85.2 89 0 1 1.304
 5 1.00 9:11 131 69.7 88 6 7 1.463
 6 1.00 9:21 128 67.2 88 0 0 1.471
 7 1.00 9:17 148 83.6 88 2 0 1.279
 8 1.00 9:06 133 71.3 89 7 0 1.454
 9 0.07 10:08 142 78.7 83 0 0 1.270
Summary 8.07 9:12 143 79.5 88 23 31 1.339

(The HR strap was not working well... totally wonky numbers for the whole run....pretty cold and I was not sweating much I guess. 8/)

The plan was 11 miles but realized after 4 miles I was just beating up my ATs: On the lumpy trails I started to feel them...and then later at mile 7 when I resumed running after stopping at a traffic light they let me know they were NOT HAPPY....I need to let them bounce back before next Sunday, therefore I cut the run short and iced them. 

I'm pretty sure I've got plenty of conditioning in the bank right now so I'm not worried about that. 
When this race is over I plan to let them recover fully and then figure out how to keep this from happening during hard training. (If possible). I'll be trying a lot of strengthening ideas....gentle running on grass barefoot. 100ups, etc. 

I'll try a bunch of things..any ideas?
Weather forecast is sunny, 43F in the morning and high of 59F and NO wind. Perfect.
...I'll need to figure out the attire for the start..that's a bit colder than I can do in just shorts and singlet ;)

Interesting story..a friend of ours has a daughter running track. She's been having GI problems and she asked me if I new what was the cause. 

I did let her know this is called 'runner's trots' but otherwise was unable to help. Eventually she figured out her daughter had recently started eating a handful of dried cherries every day (good for you right?). She stopped and ..problem solved!

Moral: if you are having GI problems during running think hard about any new things you are taking in...fruits, oils, ???


  1. I used to have lots of GI problems on long runs and marathons. Finally learned to really curb my fiber intake in the day or two beforehand, and also add in a peppermint oil tablet morning of.

    After CIM, it does sound like you need a little break to recover. Add in some easy cycling, swimming, hiking. Take a month to just have fun w/ new things--this always helps both physically and mentally.

  2. Thanks Paul :-)

    Race report coming up tomorrow! It might be a long one though and I have loads of photos....

    I hope you both had a great thanksgiving :-)

  3. Good luck at CIM! As for the weather, 43 doesn't sound too bad at the start, I could see wearing arm warmers at the start, maybe a beanie. But I would probably vote for shorts. I remember the temperature for SF at the start is around 50 degrees, and I always ran it in shorts and a tshirt.

  4. @missz: Yup I plan to do all that stuff after the race 8)
    @lynn: looking forward to it!
    @nelly: shorts for sure!


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