Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly training recap

Mon: Rest
Tues: 3.3@11 with Yuan and David "running students"....HOT sun... D and I did striders, skipping, fastfeet, high knees to keep ourselves busy at that pace 8)
Wed: 3.3@10:10 + 30 min swim @3.5
Thur: 3.4@10:44 w/5x 25s hill sprints @ 5:20-6:30 pace + drills + strength training after
Fri: 30m bike + 15m rowing
Sat:5.0@9:35 (1 mile was at 8:10)  Ran to farmer's market (2.5 miles) and after 45 min ran home. Biker almost hit me and rode off so ran one mile FAST to shake it off. Grrrr...
Sun:8.8@9:00  Awesome run, felt really strong. 5 miles easy flat hiking later in the day

A great week. 


  1. Nice job. Thanks for the comment on my Irene post. I am still amazed at how bad it is in other parts of my little state.


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