Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Haiku

do or not do 
no try is there
yoda says

[If you like this haiku, please go over to Lee at her blog RIGHT NOW and give her some words of advice and encouragement. She needs to get out there  and make running/exercise a solid part of her life!]


  1. My reader says you posted this at 5am this morning -- pretty much the exact moment I was deciding to do! Today, it seemed to be difficult choice but you are right -- at some point, you just pull yourself out of bed and go. I'll go find Lee right now.

  2. @tricia: Oh sorry to mislead! The haikus are written ahead of time and auto-posted on a timer. ;)

    I often do my long sunday runs starting at 5am though...

  3. This reminds me of a trainer I used to work with. His constant (and I stress that word) chant was: "There is no such word as try - you either do it or you don't." The other he liked to say was, "You know what I like about running? There are no time outs, there are no substitutions, there are no excuses." Probably why I got injured. Bahahahha!! My friend refers to him as "The Asshole" :)

  4. @jill: I think that in some pyscho-babble arenas 'try' is considered a failure word..that people use to pre-excuse their failure.

    I think sometimes that might be true. But of course, not always.


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