Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Haiku

hungry runner
I stop to stretch
chomps chomped


  1. Hey Paul...I hope things continue to go in the right direction with the PT. I kind of like this idea of running within a comfortable HR zone. I'm all about comfort during long runs.

    Must try one of those Haiku's at some point. Your Chomps chomped, made me smile :)

  2. Hi Paul! Like your Deep squat video but can't do it because of knee and lower back problems. I do the asian squat 2-3 minutes though.

    What is your take on those endurance cubes? It made me thirsty that I ran out of water last Sunday's LSD.

  3. I love these. Do you mind that I try to do one back at you?

    Wet rainy Tuesday
    Speed workout on the treadmill
    Outside tomorrow

  4. @anne: thanks! So far so good with the PT.

    @arthur: yah, they are NOT for everybody. ..2-3 minutes...wow. I wouldn't be coming back up after that ;)

    @ajh: Super! I would end with a verb on the last line, e.g.: Tomorrow outside

    cuts better ;) (English really isn't the right language for this)

  5. i love haiku's. they are the best. and this one rocks! happy tuesday :)


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