Thursday, June 16, 2011

Special hat today...

Still recovering from Sunday's race...note to self: You need to do more hills before you do hill marathons! Quads are still sore a bit on the bottom third. I blame the fact that I had only 3 weeks since CPH and I was too tired from traveling as well.  So, we'll give it another couple of days before we try running....the body is an amazing thing as long as you let it rest!

Today I wore this hat for my 'loosening up' walk that I took before lunch. 

A lot of countries have boring flags. This is one that I think looks pretty cool. (Which is why I bought the hat on a trip to S.A...also being a pale-ish ginger person type I *need* hats)

I'm wearing it in honor of Staci over at SheRunsInSandals.

Staci just finished the very famous Comrades Ultramarathon (90k), and yes, of course, SHE RAN IT IN SANDALS and came in under the 12 hour cutoff.

She's got the medal to prove it too 8) Check out her 3 postings of her race report, complete with photos.

Comrades is now on my bucket list ;)

Congrats to you, Staci!


  1. Commrades has been on my bucket list for a few years - hopefully one year.

    Do you follow Johann from South Africa's blog? He's really cool and I know you and him would hit it off:
    I think he knows Staci. Anyway, very cool hat!! :) I always wear a cap like that when I run!

  2. I love the hat!! and thanks for thinking of me and the shout-out.
    I would love to host you if you ever make it to The Comrades - maybe there are still some flying miles :-)


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