Wednesday, June 08, 2011

4 days to the last marathon!

Its been 11 months and I'm excited to be completing my last marathon toward MM silver (2 stars). Whoo hoo! (Note:  the race report is here)

It's an out and back half marathon course with the full marathoners completing this twice. Not my favorite but has the advantage that you know what you are in for after the first half.

It's a very hilly course: 4000' up / down... as bad as skyline-to-the-sea, so I'm assuming it will be slow...maybe 3 miles of flatish running total 8). The main thing is to not screw up and pull an muscle or anything as I want to get this race in the bag. I'll treat it as a power hike.

The weather is pretty good...getting a bit warm (70F) as the high for the day and sunny. But there are trees on the course.

The cutoff is super slow as it's also a 50k so they have the course open for them problem there. I expect to take about 6:30 to finish.  

You have to ford the river ...they have a rope to hang onto..that should be interesting 8)...should keep us cool for a bit anyway. Marathoners may have to do it twice..not sure. There has been a lot of rain so the river could be quite high. We'll see...

I've hardly run at all since Copenhagen...but a bunch of walking when touring around after. I'm confident I'll be in good shape! 

It should be fun. Trail races are great for building overall strength and endurance (but not speed 8).


  1. Looks like a cool course. Although I agree, doing it twice might not be too great...good luck!

  2. Good luck and congrats on your MM silver medal.

  3. Congrats on the accomplishment and what a fun course to complete it on!

  4. Who knew one would need swim goggles during a marathon! I'd probably count this one as Adventure Racing!! :)

    Have a blast. Enjoy. Don't get hurt!

  5. Ford a river? Yikes! Sounds like a very cool course, have a great time!

  6. Looks like my type of marathon, awesome! Enjoy and congratulations with the MM status!

  7. Good luck at San Lorenzo!!! The river crossing looks like a nice cool down from the heat along the way.

  8. This looks like quite the adventure! Good luck and enjoy.hope the river's not too that case I suppose you can swim.


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