Sunday, January 30, 2011

News Flash: Frozen bloggers fall off world

Today it was raining ..varying from major dumpage mode to light sprinkles so we hit the treadmill to keep from getting our prissy little feet wet. 

I won't complain about the treadmill since I've been reading ENDLESS FROZEN BLOG POSTS.......seems part of the Earth has cracked off with these guys and is heading off toward Pluto. Maybe you guys can get it reinstated as a planet if you are living out there now 8/ 

Many reports of mild injuries from running on the slippery snow, not to mention frozen faces, aborted runs, etc.  Check out my blogroll if you want to see some frozen tundra.

So, the treadmill is just fine, thankyouverymuch.

I ran 8.3 miles at 9:22 min/mile average...about 4 miles of that at 9:00. It felt pretty good...I'm not in peak condition or this would have been much easier but I'm good for next Sunday where I'm probably shooting for a fairly easy 10:00-10:15 pace...i.e. finish sub-4:30-ish.

Weather still holding for next Sunday: 47F/67F, sunny, no wind.


  1. Hi Paul...
    I'm not a treadmill hater, do what you gotta do, right?

    You asked about my foot on one of my posts recently and, particularly about the past diagnosis. To sum this past year w/o writing a novel, I had an insurance fiasco and was never able to get an official diagnosis from a doctor. I work with the high school XC coaches and one told me it was a stress fracture back last spring so I took some time off but it wasn't any better. Then I thought it was a heel spur so I tried to train around it. Well, it got really bad in the fall and long story short, I finally went to a podiatrist last week and he disgnosed it as Plantar Faciitis. Which floored me cuz I never had classic symptoms in the beginning. Anyway, the cortisone shot really helped but it was being it's bad self again today. Grr. So who knows what to think. I'll just keep plugging away.

  2. Nothing wrong with a treadmill run. I run at least once a week on 'em. In fact, yesterday I did a 20 miler on one.

  3. Hey Paul, thanks for stopping by - and the weather report for H.B. 4 of us So. Cal Bloggers are meeting up at the Expo. All of us are also running Skyline to Sea too!

    I'm a nerd too. My company is in Silicon Valley (think Garage in Palo Alto).

  4. Hey Paul...
    Just came back to tell you GOOD LUCK in S.C., I am so very excited for you guys running (so wish I were there!). Get ahold of Chris K and maybe you can meet up with the motley crew at the expo, they will be at S2S also so it's like you'll know us all :).

    Thanks for the info again on the PF. I talked to a woman I know how has worn orthotics for 2 years now because of severe PF and now is having bad IT problems ... she went to this seminar and some big-wig doc told her her orthotics are probably causing her to overcorrect her form and causing the IT issues. So she's taking them out and going w/o for the first time in 2 years. He also told her to go with a bare minimalist shoe. OMG, there's just way too many contridictions. I will talk to my podiatrist tomorrow.

    Anyway, good luck buddy!!! So excited for you!!!!

  5. @chrisK: I'll keep my eyes open for ya!

    @jill: Thanks for the best wishes!

    Re: orthotics et al

    Yah, the science is a mess. Best idea is to try a lot of things for a while and see what helps.

    I think minimal shoes is a good idea because of evolutionary reasons, but I do think you have to be very gradual about it if you've been wearing big shoes and/or are older.


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