Thursday, January 20, 2011

Long Run...No, but ok.

Dawn with Venus
This morning I set out to do a final long run before Surf City in 2.5 weeks. Got up early and was out the door at about 6am.

Started out at a 10 minute pace for the first 6 miles or so and watched the sun come up (that's Venus..a.k.a. "the morning star", a tiny dot in the upper right corner).

Also got to watch the almost full moon set over the water which was rare to see. A few runners and bikers were out at this hour but not many.

I was feeling pretty darn good running in my Nike Frees and figured I just might step up the pace a bit now. I was hoping to reach 20 miles (about 3 loops of this route). I did the next 3 miles at a 9:30 m/m or so and then started to feel my right calf cramping. This is the same place that has been dogging me since a run on vacation in Hawaii. I thought it was healed up but it seems not quite.

After stretching for a while and walking a  bit I was able to negotiate a peace treaty with my recalcitrant muscle and proceeded to do a slow 11-12 minute pace without more cramping. But discretion being the better part of valor (and the smarter way to avoid injury) I aborted the course and beelined for home.

I can tell my fitness is plenty's not peaked but it's plenty good to run a marathon, so it's frustrating to be "hamstrung" from doing a long run by a piece of muscle the width of a pencil (which is about how big the cranky-crampy muscle feels). 

Obviously it needs more time to heal up..and there's no arguing with a muscle...they win. So we'll just have to do shorter and/or easier runs. It's a bit of a mystery why this happened..I'd been doing a lot of cross training and built up a lot of muscle on my quads, etc. Perhaps it's changing too many things at once? I'm really have no idea.

When we set out to test our fitness and have a setback, it's disappointing. But, on the other hand to see a beautiful dawn during an otherwise wonderful 10 mile run, I really can't complain. It's all good.

I'll wait a few days before I try a long run again.


  1. Ouch, sorry you're still dealing with that pesky injured muscle!

  2. Sorry to hear about your injury. Grrrr!

    That's some beautiful photos you have taken there! Maybe I should start taking my camera out with me....

  3. Sorry to hear it! Hopefully with some rest it will be kind to you and let you run well at Surf City.

  4. @all: thanks for your wishes

    @Lynne: I always carry my has a camera.

  5. Beautiful pic! Very wise to pull up early than to make an injury any bigger. Hope you recover in time for Surf City.


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