Friday, January 28, 2011

DOMS a no show?

After a 20 mile run, there is usually at least some DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) the day after the day after. 

But I seem to have got off scott-free after Wednesday mornings long run. I'm not sure why....there are various extenuating facts to consider:
  • Zensa calf sleeves (but why the quads ok too?)
  • Gym workouts I've been doing twice a week (weights, core, quads, floor exercises)
  • The 3 minutes or so of walking I did (10x20sec) during the run to loosen up my tight right leg/hip.
  • Wearing zero-drop shoes (my huaraches! 8) the rest of the day to stretch out my legs when walking around the office.
  • The easy pace for the run  (10:10 m/m)
  • Went in hot tub that night.
  • Did not take ibuprofen after the run (?)
Probably each of these things helped? When I start really booking the miles on for my 50k I'm going to have to remember these tricks.

This morning of course I noticed lack of DOMS, saddled up for a short recovery run...and immediately noticed how good my legs really did feel.  Absolutely no residual tightness of the leg/hip, no DOMS...hmm..what's going on? I wore the Nike Frees and they beckoned for some faster running but I said: "HEEL! Bad doggies!". 

I know that after a hard or long run there's subtle damage that you many not feel, but that weakens everything and makes me more prone to bad things. So I enjoy our nice slow run and think to myself things are looking just peachy for Surf City so DON'T BLOW IT now.

After the run I went to the gym and my usual routine there too.   I think we may let the dogs out for a tempo run on Sunday 8)

T-10 days: Weather for Huntington Beach is morning low of 47F, afternoon high of 70F. No rain.  Sounds pretty darn good..may be a bit warm at the end of the race but not too bad.


  1. I never knew about this ... the most I have run is 10-Mi and I that distance tomorrow.

    Great temperatures for running! I am envious.

    (P.S. please join our 2-minute Burpee contest: here)

  2. Regarding your last bullet, have you seen this article?

  3. @shaggee:
    No! I hadn't see that, but I read another article that made the point that the inflammation response
    was probably a good thing, on balance.

    This article makes it look downright scary.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. yay to no soreness. good luck in the surf city marathon.


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