Saturday, October 09, 2010

Testing 1...2....3....4...

Well, here I am one week away from the Long Beach Marathon...

queen mary is at LB
This morning I felt pretty good, lung-wise as my Dr gave me some inhalers a few days ago when I told him I really needed to get rid of the last of my crud before 10/17. [ I really like my HMO, it's close by and I can always get into see a Dr for small things on the same day..]

So, what with Saturday dawning with gorgeous blue skies and 60F temps  I just had to test the waters....I went for a 4.75 mile slow recovery pace run...didn't even wear the Garmin. I did a lot of slow *careful* stretching beforehand.

My calf tear was "there", i.e. I could feel it, but it was better than last week. The proof of the pudding will be it feels then. If good, i'll do another longer run.

UPDATE: (next day), leg felt good after 3.75 soreness...just a bit tight so more easy stretches and easy pace...looking good.

But the results are good so far...perhaps may be good to go at LB, at least if we run a nice easy race?

I actually don't mind that, as one current goal is to complete the "California Dreamin' Racing Series", and so being able to make the race at all is goal #1. 

And, I have to say, it's not such a bad idea to not be pushing for a PR for once. Instead, just enjoying the sites and crowds and having fun. I plan to take my camera and get some shots, and perhaps even one of Arthur when he finishes.

The extended weather forecast looks great: sunny and mid-50's at the start time and a high of 69 for the day.....but I'll probably be done at about 11:30 when the temps are still below 65, which is fine.


  1. Glad to know you are fully recovered, Paul! I think the weather will be perfect for running.
    Will run my last 11-13 miles tomorrow. I will be wearing a T-shirt with my name on it.

    Good luck to us and to all the participants of this great event.

  2. Thanks Arthur, good luck to you too on your first full marathon! You have a huge amount of training and plenty of racing experience so I'm sure you'll do well!

  3. Maybe you could take a few days of ultrasound for your calf. I know it really helped when I had tendonitus earlier this year.

    Good luck!


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