Saturday, March 02, 2019

Wet Race tomorrow!

Looks like it will be a wet race tomorrow, just like my experience 10 years ago! Not the most fun but a lot better than being HOT: Temps should be in the mid-40's (F) at the 7:30am start and low 50's at the finish.

Unlike my first race the winds will be light (< 3mph) and that's great: 10 years ago there were some headwinds the entire race!

Can't be more rain than the 2011 LA marathon, that race was cold, windy and had 1.7 inches of rain. 

I cut a pace band for 10:40 pace / 4:40 finish. I plan to do first 10 miles at 10:50, next 6 at 10:40 and then see if I can do the last 10 at 10:30...playing it by ear at that point.


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  1. Good luck!!
    If you happen to off chance see my dear friends - Bret and Carol Stevens from Denver - give them a hug for me.


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