Sunday, July 29, 2018

First 30+ mile week (post new hip)

This week managed 5 runs for a total 34.9 miles with the Sunday long run being 14 miles. Gradually getting back marathon grade fitness, but still have a way to go.

My right glute (operative side) is still a tad weaker than the left but I've made some good progress:  

The plot below shows my "Ground Contact Time Balance", reported from my Garmin watch (with running dynamics pod.) 

i.e. This is the ratio of time each foot spends in contact with the ground. The graph timeline shows one full year. The green dot on the left for August of last year,  is before my hip started crapping out and shows 50/50 balance, i.e. normal.

Then you have 4 months of no dots: could not run and then in Nov got the new hip. 

Finally, running again in January and you can see my right leg was really off with a L/R balance of 45/55%.  Then you can see that each month it gradually gets more and more toward 50/50 until, FINALLY, this month we have green again!

I did today's 14 miler by getting up at 6am and hitting the trails while the skies were foggy and cool. Lots of birds out early when it's still foggy:

This coming week will be a step-back week. Probably ~25 miles.

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