Saturday, May 05, 2018

Pathways 10k trail run

My first official race post hip-replacement.


The weather was perfect: 55-60F and the trails were dry. 
Very hilly, about 1000' of climbing, according to Mr. Garmin.

Cinco del Mayo so a Mexican band!

The crowd at the start:

Me and running friend Gail...she told me about this race:

I took a wrong turn and actually ran one loop of the race twice, racking up 6.9 miles instead of 6.2.......pace around 11:30-ish (some time spent head scratching ;)

Operative leg and hip felt great!  Still out of shape (especially for hill running) but almost perfect 50-50 left/right ground contact time the entire race: the right leg is getting stronger.

Next up: a half marathon. 
Which one?


  1. You’re back! Congratulations... and nice pics

    1. Thanks David! Glad you found my Eugene report useful.

      I plan to run Napa Valley marathon again (was my first) in 2019.


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