Thursday, July 18, 2013

Say WHAT?!

Did you see this?

People think I'm crazy for running a piddly two marathons back to back, but this lady supposedly ran a marathon a day for a YEAR and then even ran two on the last day...366 marathons in one year.

She did it to fight back a diagnosis of MS and apparently she's had no flare-ups even though she's not been on any meds.

I have to admit even though I've seem some pretty amazing feats out there in endurance this one takes the cake.

It does seem possible..there's a race in NYC that is run every year where you race 3000 miles on a loop course. The fastest person so far  took 42 days..which is about 70 miles a day. 

Terry Fox ran 23 miles a day for 143 days with a leg prosthetic and with cancer...even more impressive.

I suspect that the record books may not swallow this if the course was not measured and certified and there was no observer. No mention of that in the article....I would be cool if it was a new record. One article I read says she runs these mostly in around 5 hours.

Similarly , she can't be a Maniac with that streak as these were not official races with a race director supervising. (even if a measured course).

I don't think my body would be able to do that. .....but...I might be wrong.

I have no inclination to even try 8}


  1. Most exercise physiologists would say that it's an impossible feat but it shows what immense powers the human spirit has. Determination and belief nearly always prevail.

  2. I totally think it's possible, but it's gotta be tough on the body. Still, I get that it can't be worse than the eventual deterioration caused by MS, so good for her!!

  3. A year out from 50, glad I'm only 29! Great blog!


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