Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 4th trip, miles back up, one swim.

Many training interruptions due to  a fun trip to Maine over the 4th to visit my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and many many east coast friends. Now this last week it  was nice to get a full week of running in (and one swim workout).

I did get in a couple of runs done in Maine..HOT though. And a bit of swimming, too.

Date   Miles   Pace   BPM WHR%  Elev+  Elev-    YPB
2013-07-09 Tue 5.6 9:37 124.4 64.3 18.2 20.1 1.460
2013-07-10 Wed 3.0 9:17 123.5 63.5 11.6 11.8 1.559
2013-07-11 Thu 7.4 9:24 124.8 64.6 73.6 79.5 1.500
2013-07-13 Sat 5.5 9:41 123.8 63.7 17.9 18.9 1.462
2013-07-14 Sun 9.1 9:32 123.7 63.7 31.1 32.5 1.494
Summary 30.6 9:31 124.1 64.0 152.4 162.7 1.490

All base-pace MAF-style running @ 125bpm-ish. I'm gradually burning off the fresh fried clams and 'lobsta' rolls  YUM. For me 30 miles is a good baseline mileage when I'm not training specifically for any race. 

7 day smoothed mileage going UP! Now i need to find a way to keep track of my swimming....hmmm.
Still enjoying seeing the huge spike in 7-day mileages from the marathon double 8)


NO RACES SIGNED UP FOR yet! Ack!  We have more travel lined up for the fall..right in the middle of marathon build-up no PR attempts but would be nice to do a race or two. 

Perhaps a peak for the spring, then, but I will do a course I know works and should be cool...I won't waste heavy training investment for an unknown course like I did at Tacoma.


The swimming is still going well but I have a long way to go. My teacher set me free for a while to work on my form ("You know what to do.."). Right now I can identify when I'm doing the wrong things...I just have trouble fixing them all at the same time. But awareness is 80% of the battle! So I just work on each in turn, using drills etc to focus.


  1. Let's do CIM again, Paul! I am already registered for the Sacramento and Long Beach events. Keep myself fit by running 10K events near LB.

  2. Looks like a nice time away for some relaxing but as you say it is always good to get back with a full week of training.

  3. You did a really good amount of training while you were travelling. I know a lot of people who just give it all away on holidays but I think it makes the holidays even better to have some runs in a new location. As long as I don't get lost.

  4. I was just in Maine. Great but yes, hot!

  5. Maine is a place I'd love to visit one day.

    Good plans for the build back to another rocking marathon next spring :).


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