Saturday, January 28, 2012


Kepa is excited about his first tagging and has tagged me so I'll oblige.!

If you are interested in random me-stuff facts you can check out
this post.


Do you keep a training log?

Sorta...I have this blog, in which I record details of specific training buildups via split tables from the garmin data and also my race reports.  I also keep all my garmin .tcx files and use garmin connect to look over old data...I also have some software of my own that I can use to parse the garmin data.

Do you think videos of guys getting hit in their privates are funny?


Train/Race - socks or no socks?

I use silk sock liners from REI. I have never had a blister from running in my life (knock wood).

What is your favorite movie?

Hmm. That's a hard one. I like a LOT of movies...last movie seen: "Tin Tin" in 3d.

Do you listen to music while you train?

Nope. I do listen to music a lot, but just not while running. I think using earbuds when running is a bit dangerous and when racing downright rude. I do hear music in my head though 8)

Heel striker or mid/forefoot?


How many pairs of running shoes do you own?

 3: saucony kinvara 2, nike free 2, saucony peregrine (for trails).

What is your favorite color?


Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Other... Don't Care?

Prefer not to bring politics to my blog...

At what training distance do you decide to carry your own hydration?

For distances less than 6 miles I just chug some water before I leave the house. For longer distances I will carry either a one or two bottle pack.

Do you wear your workout clothes more than once before washing them?

I used to wash my tech shirt and shorts while in the shower and then wring them out really hard. They will then air dry by the next day. 

However now I have so many tech shirts from races now (and I bought more shorts) that I just toss 'em in the wash. 


I think this meme has been around once now so I'll stop passing it on. (With a branching factor of 11,  the entire blogosphere  gets tagged pretty quickly ;)

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