Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 9 CIM: traveling and training, part II

Week 9 was a light week (step-back week)..which was a good thing.

After the Deerfield wedding, (which was wonderful...did I mention lots of dancing and up till late before the aforementioned long run @ 6:30am?) we decamped to North Adams, Mass. It's way in the upper left corner of Massachusetts.

My sister and her husband live nearby in Vermont and so we visited with them for a couple of days...seeing some local sites..

downtown North Adams Ma.
We stayed in downtown North Adams. The first day dawned and it was only lightly raining and I had some hill sprints. I went over to East Main St and did what you see below. Not super speedy but I was was still a bit tired from the long run two days before. 

North Adams is a town "in transition", i.e. it was a hopping place when the Sprague Capacitor factory was operating, but that shut down long ago. The huge and beautiful old buildings were re-purposed for the Mass Museum of Contemporary Art, which is very cool, but that hasn't generated too many jobs out there.

Split Distance Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR Avg Cadence Elev+ Elev- YPB
1 0.07 6:57 131 142 92 27 0 2.015
2 0.07 6:60 145 153 97 0 0 1.821
3 0.05 8:39 120 130 94 0 0 1.630
4 0.05 7:40 120 133 93 0 0 1.913
5 0.05 7:35 115 129 94 10 0 2.087
Summary 5.57 11:05 121 165 83 273 256 1.312

Chateau Frontenac
The next couple of days involved treadmill running only ..nothing very interesting to report..and we had made our way from North Adams up to Quebec City, Canada. For a couple of nights we stayed at the Chateau Frontenac..amazing place. Lots of walking here of course including a 2 hour walking tour of the old city 8)

greenspace created at old port Montreal
Next stop Montreal! We stayed near the Vieux Port (old port). I cased out the area the day we arrived as a place to run my 10k time trial the next day. Alas the developed part for tourists was about .8 miles long so we did a back and forth run until we hit 10k.

This route went along the old canal that was built to let boats bypass some very fast, nasty rapids on the Saint Lawrence river.

They had a restored tugboat on the canal.

canal at Montreal old port

This run went well...I hit pretty good paces with an HR that wasn't too high. There was a stiff headwind/tailwind running which didn't help when it was a headwind. Also, having to stop and reverse course every .8 miles cost a few seconds...

Split Distance Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR Avg Cadence YPB
1 1.00 8:02 137 143 91 1.599
2 1.00 8:06 141 144 90 1.541
3 1.00 8:09 142 145 90 1.521
4 1.00 8:04 143 146 89 1.526
5 1.00 8:15 145 148 89 1.471
6 1.00 8:11 143 146 89 1.504
7 0.21 8:03 146 148 90 1.519
Summary 6.21 8:08 142 148 90 1.526

My PR from two years ago for 10k is an 8:00 pace....this is garmin pace so I'm probably 12s per mile slower than my PR..but during that race my average HR was 152, not 142 and I'm pretty sure 10 bpm would get me to a pretty big PR.  I would need the actual race situation to crank the adrenalin to do that but my point is that I'm pretty fit.

I'm also not done yet..on to CIM week 8!

After the 10k we went hiking up in the Mont Royal park (That's where the name Montreal comes from) and eveybody was up there! It was a nice warm sunny day and everybody was enjoying the last bits of summer weather. The walking is really good to keep from stiffening up after a hard run.

view from Mont Royal
can you believe we are in a big city?


  1. Awesome that you went to Quebec City and Montreal! I've heard both of those cities are gorgeous. Those trails that you went on looked great.

    Thanks - it's nice to gradually start to feel better, I know it will take place over time. I think sticking to trails might help me out the best. When I get fully healthy and ready to run 4-5 miles at a time without stopping I'll let you know and we can do a run at Rancho. I'd guess maybe in 1-2 months that might be case...

  2. Okay, so where are the Vermont pictures?
    Looks like you had a great time.


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