Friday, September 02, 2011

Weekly training recap (midweek), CIM targeted

Mon: Rest
Tue: 4 miles, w/ 2 @ 8:30 m/m tempo (141 HR ~ 80% WHR) + 2x 20s of 4 drill set + weights/strength training after.

Wed: 3.3@10:30m/m + 25min swim @4
Thurs: 4.6@10:18 (ave pace includes recovery walks)  w/ 7 x 40s hill sprints at ~6:15m/m + 2 x 20s of 4 drill set.

Thursday morning I felt a bit stiff after Sunday's 9:00 pace 8.8 miles and Tuesdays tempo + drills and strength training. But after warming up I felt pretty darn good.  Here are the 7 hill sprints and recovery walks....I walked until my HR got down to 110 bpm before I would do the next one:

Split Distance Avg Pace Avg HR Avg Cadence
3 0.12 06:36 128 92   
4 0.04 22:25 129 54
5 0.08 06:09 126 95
6 0.05 19:57 130 58
7 0.10 06:23 129 96
8 0.06 18:07 130 57
9 0.08 06:00 126 96
10 0.11 13:44 130 72
11 0.11 06:36 128 94
12 0.08 18:51 125 58
13 0.10 06:14 122 94
14 0.09 18:25 121 59
15 0.13 06:10 128 97

I was only supposed to do 6 sprints but after so many and getting tired I lost track and did 7.
I'm getting better at these...the muscles are getting bigger and stronger. Why didn't I work on this before? Notice that my ave HR doesn't move much over the set and cadence is of course high ...92-97

Absolutely no rumbles of complaint from anything during the sprints or during the drills after....the 'tweaky' feeling stuff in my right hamstring is gone...calf has nary a word to say.

I had PT visit #3 today and got another exercise to do...more on that in another post.


I'm throwing down the gauntlet for CIM (the California International Marathon)...I was already registered and I booked the hotel today.

The training time is a little shy: I need to get some long runs in but I also need to have faith in my previous long run conditioning still being there to some extent.

I plan to seriously push on this race and run a sub-4. There are never guarantees in marathoning but I think I have a very good shot if the training goes well between now and then and the weather cooperates. I've never felt stronger and Jill and I are just getting started.

CIM is a point to point course, which is my favorite kind. It's a logistical pain in that you have to be bused to the start, but the feeling of actually racing from point A to point B is wonderful and worth it.

The course is a net downhill of about 300', with some rolling hills though. The last 6 miles flattens out and doesn't have any more hills.

It's on Dec 4th, so it's not going to be hot. (In fact it can be darn cold at the start..I'll need to make some disposable arm warmers, etc) 




  1. Good to hear that your training is going well!

    I don't doubt that you have sub 4 in you at CIM, that course is net downhill, and like you say it is guaranteed to be good weather (cold).

  2. CIM was my 2nd marathon ever...1998 I believe, absolutely loved that course and I still remember parts of that course vividly. I'd love to do it again one day.

    You're numbers are excellent - but more so, I'm thrilled that you're feeling fantastic.

    I know you're on a plane half way across the world right now, but let me know what the PT said and thanks for the awesome email! Will be in touch soon!! Enjoy the trip!

  3. CIM is well known as a fast one. Enjoy your trip to Cork!

  4. CIM looks like a fun run! Nice that training is going so well -- looking forward to report of PT visit 3.

  5. Yay, I just signed up for CIM too! Really looking forward to it. Also always neat to find new Bay Area blogger / runners. :)


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