Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Training recap....colds...and new shoes.

Last week was going great....intervals etc. 

On Thursday (XT day), I hit the pool and swam 30 min. I felt more tired than usual and the chlorine was bothering my nose a lot...also unusual. Got on the rowing machine and felt pretty tired after 5 min so cut my expected 15 min to 10 and moved on to the ellip. Same story there...cut it to 10 min.

I did my weights but could tell I was more tired than usual..I figured it was from the intervals.

By end of workday I could tell I was catching a cold. I had a sore throat and basically was feeling like crap. I probably caught it on the plane back from Ireland last Sunday and it took a few days to incubate.

I went home and slept 12 hours...took it easy on Friday..the sore throat peaked and the congestion set in. That night I slept another 12 hours. (You may notice that I like to sleep a lot..especially when I'm sick)

I gradually got better over the weekend and now finally today (Tuesday) I went out for a 5 mile run at base pace (10:00). I felt good enough and my HRs were all really low..so I kicked it up to 130HR (9:04m/m) for the last mile (which is about my MP HR) which felt great.

I still have crud in my sinuses but running seems to help clear that out...(many many snot rockets  8)

Happy to be back in the saddle!


If you been following my blog you know that I run in Nike Frees a lot. I have a pair I bought in January of '10. They had god knows how many miles on them....probably at least 1000.  

My Kinvaras are more recent...from Feb. of this year, but probably have 500 miles on them...the knobbles are all worn away on the bottom.

Sooo. I figured time to spring for some new shoes. I have become very gentle in my stride running in such worn shoes.....but time for some new padding as we approach our Dec 5th marathon (CIM)!

I bought a new pair of Frees and Kinvaras..they are both blue trim this time...the photo is the Frees of course.

Wow. What a difference the extra cushioning makes. I was really enjoying the extra rebound.

I don't understand why Nike makes the Frees with such a high heel lift  though. I don't need it and that thick rubber makes for a heavier shoe. Perhaps I'll take them over to the shop at work and grind them flat like some have done...8)

I'm was sad throwing away my old Kinvaras...my long run and racing shoes...they saw me through the incredibly wet LA marathon as well as my fun Copenhagen race. I put them in the garage for a bit, telling myself I should recycle them.   I need time to say a proper goodbye before I toss them in the bin I guess 8)

Go away cold! 
Back to training this week!


  1. Hope the cold gets out of you system soonest!

    So I take it you like these about equally? I run in Frees, but tried on my first pair of Kinvaras on Saturday and they were spongy. I ended up buying NB Minimus but not sure I'll love them for really long runs. So may end up with Kinvaras eventually as well. Unless I find some other tempting shoe. I don't want to mess with it too much though.

  2. @trica: I like the frees to toughen up the legs but don't find that I can do long runs in them yet (16+). I use the kinvaras for 16+, which includes the marathon itself..I definately feel lighter and faster in them. IN the late stages of the marathon when my form is falling apart a bit they are more forgiving than the frees.

    I don't find them spongy. but they aren't flexible like the frees. I think running in them all the time would not be good for the legs.

  3. You had a 1000 miles on a pair of Frees? Holy smokes, I think I have 300 on mine and feel my legs ache if I run over 5 miles in them. I have a newer version of the Nike Frees, which has a pretty low heel drop. Not sure if this is the shoe you bought...

  4. Love the look and color of the shoes. How shallow is that!

  5. Glad that cold is getting better quickly. I ended up exposed twice to people with colds this week...and I do have that marathon planned on Sunday...yikes!!! Hope I can avoid it...though I'm feeling the mild beginnings of congestion this morning :(
    New shoes are great...happy running :)

  6. Your feet, legs and body must have been very angry wirh you....... glad to hear that you sprung for some new kicks!

    Hope that cold runs it's course quickly.

  7. I hate it when I get a cold! Running always keeps the sinuses clean and I think running + vita C helps a lot to avoid colds. Hope your training is back on track soon!


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