Thursday, May 12, 2011

Next, a nasty hoax..

And so now we go from a visually  entertaining hoax to one that could cost you.  

A hoax that's fleecing a lot of people and making a few people very very rich. The reason I mention this is that apparently these bracelets are being sold at marathon expos. Grrrr.

The video in this article shows how the con is performed...start at just before 5:00 into it to see how it's done.

The article also addresses the question "Why is selling placebo's bad? If it works, it works!".  I personally agree with the article.

But, to each their own I guess.


10 day forecast for Copenhagen looks perfect!


  1. It's, by far, one of the most sold items at any race expo I've ever been to. Thankfully, I haven't invested in one but I know many who have and swear by them. I wonder about the Phiten claims, also.

  2. Crazy. I've seen a ton of these infomercials, and they even included a Power Balance advertisement in my Bay to Breakers number packet! And their are prominent athletes on the advertisement too - I think a pro skateboarder and a couple other athletes. I've always thought the thing was a sham, though I didn't know why. Great to see that video to see how the sham is performed.

    I realize that it's a free country and you can try to sell whatever you want in life (as long as it's not illegal or intentionally harmful), but it is frustrating that products like these are included in race packets or sold at expos when it's proof they are garbage.

  3. @nelly: Yah, I'm with you. When it comes to having people plunk down good money for a $1 bit of plastic. race directors should draw the line.

    Hucksters have existed since the dawn of time's a never ending battle.

  4. Ditto to all said above. Glad I'm more of a looker than a buyer at expos and I am past the "accumulation phase" of my life :). Thanks for the informative post.


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