Friday, December 03, 2010

Holiday Surprises

Toni and I spent Thanksgiving holiday down in Pasadena visiting her parents and sisters family. My brother-in-law, Charlie, has been running for quite a while now..5 to 7 miles at a time I think...mostly to maintain some level of fitness.

He also takes the family dog, Cleo, with him when he goes so she gets some exercise (and some quality roving time with the alpha dog ;)

Charlie has never indicated any interest in running ...he's been very clear that for him it's just boring. Unlike me, he's always been interested in and involved in team sports..but never running very much if at all (maybe a race here and there in his younger days).

As we were driving the 10 home from a family dinner out, I happened to mention that I had signed up for the LA marathon and how great point to point courses can be (no crowds of half marathoners, you really feel like your going someplace, etc).

Charlie then confessed that he'd gotten the notion to run a full! Knock me over with a feather! The idea then surfaced that we should run LA together...just enough weeks for him to train (and he's in much better condition than a lot of people that start).

I think he's signed up for the race and now training to the the Hal Higdon Intermediate I schedule...we'll see if he can log the miles: he's got a busy job, busy family and the aforementioned Cleo.

He's done the first 12 miler last Sunday...thats a good sign.

If it all works out we'll be running it together March 20! This will be the first time I've ever run a race with somebody else. (but we won't be racing of course we'll just be enjoying the sites of LA by foot ;)


  1. Running the LA marathon is a fantastic goal. Your brother in law is lucky to have you as a role model! Happy training!! ;)


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