Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Attack of the Nanomachines.....and other news.

Or to put it in non-nerdspeak:

I got sick.

A minor cold reared it's ugly head(s) and has given me weakness and a slight crudy-ness to the throat. So no running the last two days, sigh.

Today I felt well enough to test the waters a little bit...did 2.5 miles with some quarter mile 10k pace running to see if the wheels would fall off...they didn't.  But I don't exactly feel like it's going to be PR time come Sunday, either.

I think I'll be well enough Sunday to run, however, so at least I'll get some tempo-esque running in for the Long Beach Marathon.

In other, more important news:

A fellow running blogger (Andrew over at his blog) has made  shirt for his first ever 5k race with all of his blog friends on it!:

I have circled my name and pic 8)

Have a great race Andrew!

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