Friday, September 17, 2010

9 days to Trailblazer 10k race

1 mile intervals today

Speed speed Yassos (800s)  this time but full 1 mile (1600 m) intervals with .15 mile walking recovery to 105 HR.

distance    pace   HR    cadence
        1.0     7:51   143            90
        1.0     7:43   148            91
        1.0     7:48   149            90
        1.0     7:55   149            90
          .7     7:52   148            90

I set out to do 5....then during the run said nahhh, I only need to do 4. Did 4 and said come-on you laze one more....and then decided to bag it after .7 miles...too hard.

Not super happy about these results. Last year my Garmin read 7:54 and this turned into a 8:00 achieved pace....(because of not running tangents and/or GPS noise). These numbers show a pace only a little bit faster than that...and I was running pretty hard. I was hoping to target a 10s/mile improvement but perhaps this is not realistic and I should expect about 5s/mile.

On the other hand, I did this run the two days after a pretty hard 15 miler at 9:26 being more rested and having an actual race might make the difference.

We still have 9 days to the there's room for another workout like time I'll be doing it on the track to remove the GPS uncertainty.


  1. Nice 4.7-miler, and an 8:00 min pace is awesome too! Good luck on your race! :)

  2. love the awesome pace - I've got 9 years ... maybe I can get there someday!


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