Friday, June 05, 2020

Running and Covid-19

Well, it's been a while since I've posted. 

Does anybody actually read blogs anymore? It seems like it's all about little bite sized (soon forgotten) packets of text rather than any serious writing. (Not that blogging is that serious....)  I don't do much of that. 

Here we are in a worldwide pandemic. 

Who would have guessed it? (Well actually there were several people but nobody listened to them). 

I'm one of the lucky people that can WFH and still have a good job. My productivity has suffered but it's getting better.

I'm so glad for my running right now. It helps keep me sane and less anxious. Currently about 30-40 mpw, which is higher mileage than I've done in a long time..getting really fit. Gotta be careful not to get injured though as that would be a major bummer.

I have been playing with Strava segments and racing some of them. For some stupid reason Strava lumps 55-64 in one group! Not fair!

When I turn 65 in November I will be cleaning up in my age group (Sadly many segments have NO entries for the 65-69 age group....cue ominous music?)

I have some goals: 

sub-2 hour half marathon
sub 4:30 marathon

I hope to do both of these in the next few months.  Toni has offered to support me via bike on the marathon 8)

Thanks for reading, stay safe!

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