Sunday, February 03, 2019

4 weeks to Napa Valley Marathon and a Double Rainbow

 4 Weeks out and my second of three 20 mile long runs this Sunday. 

There was a threat of rain....I got up at 6am to hit a weather window until 11am that looked like it would be fairly good

And indeed it was magical! For ~1.5 hours my run had views of this beautiful double rainbow. (Sorry for the tilt ...pano feature not easy to use)

All the other runners/bikers/walkers were taking zillions of pics too 8)

The rainbow was so bright you can see (in the pic on the right) the reflection of the rainbow in the water.

As for the run, I took it slow as I had already run 26 miles in 4 runs earlier this week, with some hard running mixed in, so I was not feeling as strong as I might. Total for the week is 46 miles, one of my higher weeks. 

I'm feeling good in general and slowly getting stronger. 

My hip feels totally normal now: I have no soreness or any feeling different than my left hip. My right hip has more flexibility than it did pre-op, actually. (That joint was not properly reason why it wore out so fast)

Thinking about race pace,  my current notion is 10:45 min/mile. I will re-evaluate in two weeks after my last 20 miler.

The last pic is of the new boardwalk from the nature center, across the salt marsh, out to the south bay. They did a great job. 

NB I just checked and next Sunday will be exactly one year since my first outdoor run, post-op! Whoo-hoo!

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