Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The longest 10K ever

I'm just finishing up week 7 of training for Marine Corp Marathon. So far it's going fine. 

I started running in 2008 and got my first Garmin late that year. The other day as I was updating my run database I noticed that I was getting close, and today I  reached:

10,000 miles of running.

Not 10k meters, 10K miles, ha ha...the really LONG 10k.

It's been a long and fun road, with challenges and triumphs as well  as some tough moments. I have stayed at my weight of 170-178 the entire time (no more 220+ for me!) and only had a few injuries, none of which stopped me from running for more than about 6 weeks. 

I run smarter now than I did in 2008 and get more from my aging body and do it without injury. Back then I didn't do any core or other strength training and didn't even know about foam rollers!  Now I would marry my foam roller if bigamy was allowed ;)

I've run a 3:54 marathon and a 1:48:30 half marathon, and a 49:18 10k. These race times came after a lot of running, planning and finally, doing! 8)

For several years, I've used a running form that is "Chi"-like: a fast cadence, very little bounce, lean forward at ankles to increase speed, hips not tilted back, open out stride with hip rotation to go faster, lower leg/calf should be loose, good arm snap to the back. It works really well for me. (I don't really believe in the 'mystical energy' part of Chi..I think that's just a good way of visualizing the form)

Here's the stats:

 1428  runs
 1685  hours of running
10:07  average pace
   122  BPM average HR
     28  marathons
       6  half marathons
       3  10K

Here's the breakdown by year:

Date    Runs Miles Pace BPM YPB
2008-01-01 Tue            61         357.39     10:24     118.2      1.485
2009-01-01 Thu 173 1269.35 10:46 122.0 1.490
2010-01-01 Fri 147 1117.07 10:06 122.6 1.493
2011-01-01 Sat 180 1128.96 10:11 124.0 1.446
2012-01-01 Sun 170 1163.34 9:48 125.8 1.455
2013-01-01 Tue 191 1414.39 9:36 124.8 1.492
2014-01-01 Wed 213 1605.92 9:57 119.1 1.521
2015-01-01 Thu 144 916.16 10:43 114.9 1.488
2016-01-01 Fri 149 1007.40 10:02 120.6 1.476
    Summary                 1428 9980.0 10:07 122.0 1.485

I'm on target to reach at least 1300 miles this year (assuming no flu or colds etc). 


On to the next 10,000 miles!


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