Sunday, July 31, 2016

RunDown: San Francisco Marathon 2016 (#28)

The plan for this race was to target a 4:30 marathon pace (10:17m/m)....I ran Cleveland in May at this pace but SF is much hiller. On the other hand I was better trained. 

In general if I'm not going for a PR I'm emphasizing getting even splits...i.e. having a good, strong second half. It's so much more fun to race that way ...passing lots of young folks that have blown there pacing is good for the ego. ;)

Picked up the bib at the expo and got out of there ASAP. It was in Fort Mason this year, which is a nice place on the water but the parking can be a pain. I got there super early. 

The swag is always good at the SFM. The shirt this year was nice. A *ton* of people wore their shirt in the race. I would *never* wear a long sleeve shirt unless the temps were below 45F. But it is a nice one. 

 I was in wave 5 which starts at 6am-ish. I took this shot in the corral with the new bay bridge (NOT the GG bridge) in the background. You can see the LED art on it that was showing cloud like 'shadow shapes' drifting around.

The shirts are nice, this is the back of the full marathon shirt..the half shirt had the skyline in green which made it easy to tell the difference from far away. 

As usual there were like 20,000 halfers  and 6258 full marathoners. I wore my Maniac shirt and got a lot of "Go Maniac!" shouts from others. I also had some nice chats with a few of then during the race.

The weather was perfect: 55-60F and cloudy. Where else can you run on 7/31 and have that? (Ok maybe Alaska?)

In general my plan for the race worked out pretty well. I ran the flat first 5 miles a bit faster, then I dialed it back for all the mega hills to about mile 17. After that the hills are smaller, but of course your getting more tired so they are very noticeable. 

Then I tried to make up the lost time on the initial hills after mile 17. i almost succeeded but the inability to run the tangents due to crowding cost me too much....I was at 26.5 miles at the finish..ouch, finishing in 4:32:52. 

There's the ~3 extra minutes due to the extra .3 over 26.2 right there. 

I knew that..yup..could see it happening,  but just didn't have enough to make up for it. I did run some fast splits but in the end couldn't close the gap...but I was close ;) In fact, I started to hit the wall finally in the last mile...and only when I saw the finish line could I snap out of it. My last mile pace was 11:24.

Results below, notice I ran the first half in 2:15:46, so a 4:33 means I lost 1m 30s in the second half over even splits. Not bad!

Needless to say, running almost even splits meant I passed a ton of full and 2nd half marathoners that were fading badly, and this helped me push a bit harder. It was good for the 60yr old ego ;)

Name:Paul Rodman

Overall:2910 out of 6258
Men:2179 out of 4122
M 60-64:28 out of 86 (not bad!)
Age/Grade:55.07% Place: 1444 / 6258 (not bad!)
Finish:4:32:52 Pace: 10:25
Chip Time:4:32:52
Gun Time:5:04:22

Split Times:
2.3 Mi:23:04 Pace: 10:02
5.1 Mi:50:40 Pace: 9:57
5.5 Mi:57:01 Pace: 10:22
7.5 Mi:1:18:11 Pace: 10:26
Half:2:15:46 Pace: 10:22
14 Mi:2:26:15 Pace: 10:27
16.2 Mi:2:49:47 Pace: 10:29
23.4 Mi:4:01:19 Pace: 10:19

A nice cold Lagunitas IPA after the finish. Ahhhhh....

Next up: Marine Corps Marathon on 10/30. That's a nice flat one. But it can get hot.

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  1. Nice work, Paul! I have fond memories of SF Marathon...


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