Friday, July 24, 2015

Running in Vancouver, next marathon

I'm still here....visiting some cousins of my wife in Vancouver, Ca.. There is a wonderful path along the waterfront which I ran several times in the morning.

For 3 months of the year (they tell me) it's a blue sky dream. The rest of the year it's overcast and there is rain....although they are currently in a drought just like us Ca folks.

We took a drive up to Squamish and hiked up the Sea to Sky trail.. "only" 7.5 km but 900 meters+ of climbing. Steep alternating with easy bits. Lots of beautiful views. We took a gondola down to save our knees...

Sea to Sky was good prep for next week when I'll run the Big Basin marathon, also known as Sky to Sea! (ok well really Skyline-to-the-Sea). I have run this before in 2011 but this time I'm only doing the marathon, NOT the 50k.

It's a 100 year old trail that goes from the top of the hills along the Skyline drive down to the sea. There is about 2500' of up and 5000' of down...

In 2011 the 50k took me 7h 50m. Right now, I'm not particularly well trained...running about 30 miles a week and no runs longer than 12 miles, but I have been doing more hills. It will be tough but I think not a problem..I will not push too hard and will enjoy the day. Probably finish in 6:30 or so.

Love the point-to-point races!

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