Monday, October 01, 2012

Berlin Marathon Teaser..

Howdy blog friends,

Won't have time for extensive posts for a few weeks but thought I'd let you know that my first Berlin marathon and first experience at pacing was a success. The calf held up just fine.

Both Lynne and I were getting over colds but ran a very even pacing to a 4:27:20 finish (her main goal to go sub-4:30). Lynne really powered through the last 4-6km like an elite and showed what she's made of in this race!

Speaking of elites I got to meet and wish this fellow good luck:

This is THE Geoffry Mutai...two days later he won the race in 2:04:15..missing a new WR by about 40s (!). 

I can say after meeting him in person (for all of 15 seconds) that he seems very modest as well as very small and slender.

Anyway, more on this amazing experience later....meanwhile watch for Lynne's race report here.


  1. Congrats to you both! Very cool that you got her in under goal. And I would LOVE to meet Geoffry Mutai. Wow is he tiny!

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    1. BIG Congrats! I can't wait to read your full race report :) Berlin is definitely in my bucket list.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH again for your help Paul :-) I don't think I could have come under 4:30 without you there beside me!

    I've started on my write up and hopefully will have it finished today. It's going to be a VERY long one....

  4. That's awesome - way to go to you and to Lynne! So happy that your calf was ok for the race, you did the right thing with taking the break for sure. :)

  5. Glad that you both had a good race! And glad for Mutai! I was disappointed at how he ran in the Olympics, so I'm glad that he did awesome in Berlin!


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