Friday, July 08, 2011

Bless her heart!

I'm still dealing with some muscle strain problems in my right leg these I'm not running very much..just a few miles every few days to test the waters as it very slowly gets better. I'm Mr. Conservative when it comes to running when discomfort gradually develops rather than going away..time to ease off. 

But I'm not acutely hurt, so I am doing lots of cross training and strength training with exercises from Jill , massage, etc. I'm going to finally address some of my duck-foot / leg length  imbalances  by seeing a PT.

I remind myself I want to be running 20 yrs from now so I'd better address these problems ASAP. Knowing that I'm doing that helps with the waiting.

My wife Toni knows how much I like to run big miles and  feels bad for me. So, she got me a card with this pic on the front. The caption says :

"Life is a Journey. Wishing you many happy miles ahead".

Bless her heart! I know I am pretty lucky to have a spouse that supports me and my running fetish hobby.

The Nuns need to tell that guy to stop heel striking so much! 8)


  1. I think I'm going to lose a lot of followers, every race picture post with a heel strick, I make sure to tell them. :)

    Happiness about the PT....please o please make sure you get one who has running CEC credits!

  2. Jill won't lose followers. Both of you have pointed out my heel strike to me and I'm still here.

    Yeah, I always figure I beat all the people who sit home on the couch. We're out there doing it.

  3. Love the picture!
    You are lucky to have such a supportive partner - I think its because we get so grumpy when we aren't running.

  4. I think you are being smart. No need to make a soreness into a full blown injury. Like you allude to, live to run another day. Good luck to you.


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