Sunday, March 06, 2011

After the long run...a hike?

dusty soles
Later on Saturday after the long run, Toni and I headed over to a friend's house.

The plan was to see their remodeling project and then go together for a short, 1 mile hike up Windy Hill. After that we were off to do  some wine tasting on the ridge nearby at Cooper-Garrod with dinner after.

I took the opportunity to wear my Peregrine trail shoes and break them in on this little walk.. doing some walking a good idea to keep loose after a hard run.

Well, we discovered a trail branching from our planned trail that would take us out and back to the winery with no driving! Net result: 5.5 miles of hilly hiking. Errk. A bit more hiking than we thought but I felt pretty good and it was really nice views and company.

Afterward we had a nice dinner at The Basin in Saratoga...I was very calorie deprived after the long run and then the hike. (Only had big bowl of cereal with berries and nuts after the long run.)  So, I ate a fair amount...a huge arugula and pine nut salad plus grilled calamari appetizer and mains of vegan lasagna.  8).  

And let's not forget the Guinness to start and two glasses of wine with the mains. Annnd the wonderful fresh baked well as splitting this dessert with Toni..yum. 

Hunger problem solved!

The Peregrines were comfortable during our hike...I like them so far. However the uppers are not really quite the same as the Kinvaras...they are built up more and stiffer which I don't like, especially around the heel.  The cushioning is about the same as the K's, however the toe-box seems narrower..I think it will loosen up with time and be fine. 

The P's are light..but..all that black sticky rubber sole material plus the slightly beefed up uppers adds a bit to the weight vs the K's. For size 11 shoes the difference is  9 oz vs 11 oz per shoe. (My Inov8 Roclite 295 trail shoes are 12.5 oz by comparison.)


No rain on Sunday which means I didn't need to mess up the planned 10/20+  Sat/Sun sandwich run , but doing the hard run and hike as happened was just fine with me.

This week, we start the taper..i.e. reduce the distances but keep the speed up. Time to be very  careful with stretching time to recover from any boo-boos! 


  1. Hiking to the winery - fun. Hiking back from the winery - maybe not as much fun.

  2. Sounds like a perfect combination of exercise, friends and food! And good shoes, too. Glad you enjoyed it all.

  3. Sounds like a awesome Saturday!

    I tagged you in my blog, so please check out my latest post at your leisure.

  4. I was looking at that dessert pic and thinking that definitely didn't look like lasagna ;). Both were well-deserved after a great mileage day!! Yum!!


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