Saturday, July 03, 2010

T-3 weeks to SFM

Well, we're down to the 3 weeks of taper...

This week's mileage (as you can see on my new logging widget if you click back to the week ending on 7/4) was low-ish (39) but tough.

Wednesday's run was a hill run, 4 x 2 miles of the run is a loop course with about 120' of up and's a very similar feel to a lot of the hills on the SFM course. I ran this at marathon pace.

Friday's run had 4 miles of tempo run (8:30 pace) in the middle, with warm up and down...that was rough....

Today's run (Saturday) an easy 12....legs need a break now, I think we are pretty peaked for this race (first time the training has worked out so well).

This week I took my resting HR sitting at my workstation during the day and got 46. That's the lowest I've ever recorded.....usually it's 50-52..sometimes 48. So more evidence that I'm well trained (?).

Signed up for the Long Beach Marathon (Oct 17th) and the Surf City Marathon (Feb 6). Along with the SFM, this is the "California Dreamin' Racing series"....complete them all and you get a cool jacket. Wussies get away with doing half-marathons...but not me..I'm doing all fulls 8)

Looking forward to a break over the holiday running, just some nice hiking with Toni!

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