Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not every run can be a PR....

Here's a news flash: not every race is going to result in a new PR (personal record).

If you've followed the previous postings, it looks like I'm on a path to the Olympic Trials 8). Well, of course not. I'm 53 and I have (hopefully) a couple of years of asymptotic improvement before we begin the long, slow, um, slowdown....

So here's the thing:

While you can do it, your a fool not to try. Someday, when i can't run at all, I'm going to look back at all my training and races and savor the memories. Hopefully, I'll still be motoring along at some kind of pace (and the best in my age group 8), but if not, I'll still remember the amazing training runs and races I've experienced.

It's not about extending your lifespan to that of a Galapagos Tortoise, it's about enjoying the Here and Now. Yes, you can eat good food and not gain weight and yes, you feel like a million bucks when you sprint up a flight of stairs. It's a wonderful feeling.

However, getting up at 5am for a 20+ mile run seems insane to a lot of people. Let me confess to you that as crazy as it sounds, I wake up at 4am chomping to start. The feeling I have is best described by the phrase "the horse has gotta run"....the horse being "shank's mare" as they used to say in colonial times, (i.e. one's legs). Maybe it's just endorphins and incredible moonrise views, but it's unforgettable what ever it is. You feel really alive in a way that you'll never forget.

So, be gentle with your body, but gradually push it, prod it, and see how fast and/or far you can go. You'll find it's an amazing journey into yourself and what makes you tick, and you'll feel great, even if your gradually slowing down.

The endpoint we all know..... So keep it moving! 8)


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